New Epicor 10 Site

>> Is there documentation for mapping fields and importing data
Look at the DMT documentation
Epicor provides basic templates that will get you started.
Assuming it is available for E10, I think you need your CAM before the trial can be downloaded from EpicWeb.

Good luck at your new site.

Hi folks – It turns out I will be able to stay in the Epicor world after all.  I am accepting a position as, basically, IT Manager at a company that dropped Vantage 6.1 for cloud based Plex and hate it so they are going to go to E10.  My primary job for the next 6-9 months will be to get it implemented.


I don’t’ have access to EPICweb yet (don’t know Site ID yet) to download documentation or an implementation guide.  But when I do get on what should I be looking for?  Also, way back when I implemented Vantage 4.0 there was an MS Project template for the implementation – is one available for E10?  The plan is to pretty much implement like  a brand new site rather than try to bring over a lot of baggage from the old systems but some (like Customers) will need to be imported.  Is there documentation for mapping fields and importing data that I can look for?  When I get there I want to hit the ground running because they really want to go live January 1 so don’t want to wait to meet with the CAM and implementation consultant.


Thanks, and I’m sure there will be many more questions coming from me.


-Todd C.