New PO Suggestions - Suggestion to order part already on order


I’m baffled about a PO suggestion I’m getting. We are getting a PO suggestion for 1000pcs off part 3000183. The reorder level is 200pcs, we have 0pcs in stock and the MOQ is 1000pcs. However, we already have an approved PO raised for 1000pcs off 3000183. The only thing I can think of is the open PO is due to be delivered on 20/02/20, which is longer than the default lead time for that part. However, I would expect to get a change suggestion to expedite the open order, rather than raise a new one.

I’m sure I’m missing something obvious but three of us have looked at it and can’t work it out!

Any help would be much appreciated,


Good Morning Jonathan,

It would be a good idea to show a screenshot of your timephase on the part. A couple of thoughts, first what do you mean by your “reorder level”? There is no variable for this that I’m aware of. Do you mean SS + MinOH? If you are below SS, the system will want the part right away. If you have your PO release locked for date, I think you will get a “new PO suggestion” to get that part in today. Is this possibly the case?

Another possibility is if the currently cut PO is purchasing for something other than to fulfill your inventory parameter requirement at your current site. Is it possible that the PO release is set to be bought for say another site or a buy to order sales order or job?


Reorder level is how Epicor describes Safety Stock plus Min. On Hand, although we don’t use Safety Stock currently so when I say reorder level, I just mean Min. On Hand. As you can see from the screenshot, there’s no demand apart from the on-hand being below the Min-on Hand. Both the po and the suggestion are for the main warehouse.

I think that you need a Days of Supply value. I think that the system includes demands/supplies through the days of supply. I’d input 60 DOS on it and see if your suggestion goes away and you get a change suggestion instead to expedite it.

If you are supplying outside the days of supply, I believe system will not count it. Also, I think that since you are below MOH it wants the part right away but knows it takes 15 days LT, so today + 15 days LT excluding weekends gives due date on that PO suggestion of 2/11/20.


Hi Nancy,

Thanks for your help. I’ve got to the bottom of this-ish. The reason we got an additional suggestion was because “Lock Date” was flagged on the open PO release. So we therefore didn’t get a change suggestion to expedite the order. I don’t know why the Lock Date was flagged though, I’m still investigating that!