New to SQL and SSRS. Need help please!

I am entirely new to SQL and have difficulty modifying an SSRS report. I am being asked to alter the SOPick form to include the customer’s PO number. The form already selects the OrderHed table which I believe is where the PONum field lives but when I add a new Querry Field for PONum and add the field to the report I am not getting anything to display. Can anyone help point me in the right direction?

You will need to copy the Report Data Definition (RDD) to a new one and un-check the PONum field under exclusions to get it to be part of the dataset.




I have done as you instructed but when I upload the form and run it it is still not displaying anything. Is there another step I am missing?

Yes, you need to create a new Report Style and select the RDD you created as it’s source.


It sounds like you’re doing this manually. You said you added the Query field in Report Builder, did you also modify the query itself to select the new field?

You could also just have a path wrong somewhere. If you’re doing everything manually remember to double check the report style for the correct data definition and the .RDL location.

I find it helps to create a new report style as @jkane suggested and use the “Generate For Design” feature (this won’t work with system definitions).

I don’t envy you. You’re in for a wild ride :rofl:

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I am trying to figure out how to add it to the query itself now, that seems to be the part I am missing.

I have created a new design like @jkane suggested. I have pressed the “Generate for Design” option and the form opens but the field I am trying to add is not displaying. Fair;y certain I just need to figure out how to add it to the query now.

Did you add it to the rdl Query and Field list?

I added it to the field list but the query is where I’m stuck honestly

Do you know how to open the query?

Right click on OrderHed in the tree on the left. Select Dataset Properties.

Hit the fx button on the middle right.

The table you want it T1 (OrderHed). Somewhere in the list of fields, add T1.PONum,. Maybe after T1.Calc_HeadComment.


Click OK.

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I’d like to put a plug in here for the Extended Education courses in SSRS that Alex Averbukh holds during Insights. I’ve learned a ton from him - from the queries to layouts, etc. There are also some courses in Epicor Learning Center that will help (definitely more fun to take a class with Alex!).