SSRS Adding field on form

I am trying to add a field on a sub-report to the PO Form. I am not sure what I am missing.

The subreport is POForm_PORelPart I want to add some fields from the PORel table. In the dataset it shows that table listed at T3.


I did add it to the fields

When I add T3.PORel_PORelNum the subreport will not display in the POForm report (“Subreport could not be shown”). And when I try to run the Subreport I get an error. I also want to add the Promise date from PORel.

SubReport Error…

I am sure it is something simple I am missing I am just not sure what.

Have you taken a look in the SSRS database for the instantiated PORel_GUID table and confirmed that the field “PORel_PoRelNum” appears in the table? This seems a bit of odd naming convention to me for a field for what seems like is RDD-driven. Can you also post a screenshot of the data definition PORel excluded fields (non-excluded fields)?

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I was missing it in the RDD.

So I added it in the RDD and now i see it in the Sub Report data set. But Still get an error.

Is the field you added “PORelNum”? If so, you’ll need to change the query to T3.PORelNum rather than T3.PORel_PoRelNum because T3 is just an alias for PORel_GUID.

Yes the field is PORelNum. After I added it to the RDD i did a sync and it automactically showed up in the query as T3.[POrelNum]. I didn’t have to add it.

Are you still getting the error? If so, try to make a three way match between all of the fields you have in your POHeader query, the actual tables, and the field names listed in the POHeader dataset.

One simple way to check the query vs database is to remove all of the selection fields or replace all of the selected fields in your query with dummy fields, such as
="SELECT T3.PORelNum, T1.CommentText..."
="SELECT '0' PORelNum, '' CommentText..."

This will make sure the query runs and there is not a fundamental problem with the joins. Then, add back in half of the field names at a time (you can go one at a time, but I like a binary search approach).

I got it working

I was missing the RDD…then I broke it by doing a sync. Lesson learned. I restored the form and it works great now.