BAQ will not follow UD field criteria and other odd behavior

I have a union BAQ that I have been using for a few weeks that imports data with DMT on a schedule. I have noticed some odd issues when it comes to making any changes to the BAQ. The BAQ will be working fine until you make a change, then it chooses to ignore UD field table criteria on the BAQ, displaying all data. I have noticed some other oddities in regards to the criteria where it will change the “And/Or” selection on its own, even setting the first row to “And”. Or I will delete a union query and it deletes other tables in different queries.

The only way I can fix this is to delete union queries until it decides to act correctly, and then rebuild what I have removed …just a waste of time.

I have even rebuilt the query from scratch and it does the same thing.

Has anyone noticed issues like this? I wanted to check here before submitting a case to Epicor support.

Can you post the query and what is the name of the UDF?

I’ve seen oddities like this in other places in the BAQ in 10.2.300 and .400. One is when you do something like add an nvarchar calculated field and change the format, then add another type of field afterward. Then go back to the first field and it’s x(8) again.

I haven’t looked in .500 yet to see if they’ve been fixed.