Odd UOMs

While perfectly normal to the people in the industry, I’ve come across some unusual UOM’s

SCFM - Standard Cubic Feet per Minute. When ever you see “Standard” in front of a volume, it really means this volume at Standard Temperature and Pressure - which equates to a MASS (specific to the thing being measured). This isn’t so strange, but just added it to give background on the next one.

LBMMSCF - Water vapor content in Natural Gas. It is LBs of water per million standard cubic feet. and since Standard Cubic Feet is a measure of the mass of the natural gas, the resulting number is really unit-less (a ratio of pounds per pounds)

And things get trickier as not every industry’s “Standard temperature and pressure” are the same. The wikipedia page sot Standard Temp and Pressure shows about 20 different “Standards”

And I can never keep Ton, Tonne, and Metric Ton straight.

Pretty sure 1 Ton = 2000 LBs

I think a Metric ton is 1000 KG, which would be roughly 2,200 LBs making 1 Ton close to 1 Metric Ton

And what’s with Beer Kegs? when I was younger, you either bought a half-keg or a quarter keg. You couldn’t by a keg. Why not give a new name to whatever qty 1/2 keg was, and then the 1/4 keg would be a half of whatever you decided to call a 1/2 keg.

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An ounce of gold weighs more than an ounce of feathers. Really.

But a pound of gold weighs less than a pound of feathers.

I love that one.

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If you really want to be specific, you have to state where the weight is being measured, as weight is actually the force due to gravity on a mass :nerd_face:

You’ve seen this right? Where the size of a rocket was determined by the source of a horses ass?

I’m sure the beer kegs is based on barrels of beer, which is larger than a key, hence a keg is a half. (Just guessing on that one)