(off topic) E-time swipe Cards

We are looking into implementing a new application Called "E-Time Lite" (from ADP) to try to speed up log-ins and outs by our employees, as well as helping our payroll person.

this App. uses "swipe cards" for "punching in/out" Does anyone already use this, or some similar application? If so please let me know your approach to this.

we would like to be able to import the "swipes" directly into Data Collection / Labor Collection in Vantage 4, thus eliminating the Vantage "clock in/out" part so our employees do not need to "Double Punch In/Out", we do not want to keep everyone clocked in (i.e. ignore their clock times but keep their Labor Times associated with jobs) but this seems complicated.

I may be worried about nothing,

Kevin Fitzpatrick
MIS/Sys Admin
C&K Plastics Inc.
732.549.0011 x226

BTW; we have Van.4 for now, but are willing to go to Van.5 if absolutely necessary (but would like to wait a bit longer to jump into the "5" thing)

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