Offset DMRs to zero

We have a bunch of DMRs that accounting wants to zero out rather than post them and credit them all. They tried to enter a negative miscellaneous charge to set each one to zero, but that will not print an edit list or post. I have a ticket open with support, but if what they want to do is not possible then I will have them remove all of the negatives and post and reverse all of them.

Thanks for any thoughts.

I’m not 100%, been awhile in this area, but I’m pretty sure accounting can delete the items in the AP Group and then you can run a DMT to delete all the DMR Credit Actions to prevent those DMR’s from coming back up again when they Get DMR Credits.
Just an off the cuff thought…
Maybe I’m misunderstanding though.

@Rick_Bird Thanks. I will take a run at that tonight with our Test system.