On Order for Purchased (or even Manufactured) items

I am new to the Epicor environment. I am looking a field on the PartWhse table that represents the quantity we have on order. Obviously this could be either Purchase Order incoming items or Job Order incoming items.
I have looked all over the documentation and could not find anything related to this.
Is my solution to use a subquery in my BAQ to look up all of the open POs and get the outstanding quantity from there?

If you are trying to get it into a BAQ, then yes a subquery would be what you need. You would look on the PODtl table.

edit: well, actually depending on your query, it may or may not need to be a sub-query, but you will need an aggregate function somewhere in there. (something like Sum(YourFieldHere) )

Ok, thank you. I will do that then. And I need some other information from other tables so I will be using a subquery.

Take a look at the PartDtl table, I find it much easier to work with for Supply & Demand queries like this.
It’s keyed on Company, Plant, Part and gives the due date for each supply point.
If you just want purchase orders then:
Where PONum > 0
If you need warehouse, then you will need to go out to PORel.

Doesn’t the Part Tracker form show this information?

The PartDtl looks to be a little bit easier to work with for what I am looking for. And it even helps with another BAQ I am working on.