Order Entry Customization

I’ve been asked to add in phone number and email fields to the order entry screen under sold to and ship to. However, they want it…if attn is blank then show the customer/shipto fields, else show the contact fields.


Is there an easy way to do this?

@Will79 do a trace, but it is likely SalesOder ChangeShiptoID and GetByID and if you do a post processing method that checks if Attn is blank and if it is fill in the fields on the order.

Do I epiBind these fields to their perspective Shipto fields?

There is a ShipToContactPhoneNum field that is calculated that you may be able to use, but it would be simplest to add two fields to OrderHed and use them.

I was under the impression that it actually worked this way. Are you sure it doesn’t? And be careful with testing as this is one of those where doing it in a certain sequence might yield different results - even though you ended up with the “same inputs” (selected customer, Sold to contact, ship to contact)

Hi Will. My company also had this requirement, and it is working out well for us. Essentially, we added a new textbox under the primary one (which we learned NOT to mess with) that would contain the data collected from Customer, CustCnt and PerCon. There is a lot of screen customization code involved, but I’m not sure just how complex we can get on the forum. Plus, there’s legal stuff that has to be considered before sharing code owned by the company. I want to help, just not sure how to go about it and keep my nose clean.