Packslip Printed notification?

When we check “shipped” in Customer Shipment Entry a “Packing slip has been printed” confirmation box pops up. I don’t believe this is a customization in our system and we would like the box to stop showing up.

If this is a stock confirmation, is there a way to prevent it?

It doesn’t show up in my system. Are you sure it’s not something custom?

No, I’m not sure. So far I haven’t been able to find the customization though.

do have a customization on the screen at all? Do you have any method directive BPMs? or and DataDirective BPMs? These are the three places where that could show up.

I don’t see any customization on the form, nor have I been able to find a related BPM or DD. I’ll keep digging…

you should be able to see all of the BPM’s in the search. Just set it to < any > on the directive group. It will be in that list. Same idea for both method and data directives.

Thanks. I’ve looked over the list and haven’t been able to find anything related to this. I’ll keep digging.


what does the popup look like? Have you run a trace for when this happens? (If it’s a BPM we should so a BO run and can narrow it down that way)

After looking at a trace from checking that check box, it’s probably on CustShip.UpdateMaster, if it’s on a method directive.

Otherwise it’s on a Data Directive on the ShipHead table.

I have a big trace file, but nothing jumps out to me. I can get it to happen by unchecking shipped, changing the stage dropdown value, then clicking shipping again. The popup looks like:


Open the form in customization mode and click the “base only” box. See if it pops up then.

That looks like a customization pop up to me.


MessageBox.Show(“test message”);


I just opened the base form and it still shows up. I’m thinking it is part of Epicor. To repeat I do the following:

  • Find a pack list that has been shipped
  • Uncheck shipped checkbox
  • Change the stage
  • Recheck shipped checkbox

If you don’t change the stage, it doesn’t do this though?

We don’t use pack stages, so maybe that’s what the difference is.

Right. If I ignore the stage dropdown, I can check shipped on and off, over and over, with no popup.

If I change the stage to something else, the popup appears when I recheck shipped.

Does it happen the very first time you ship it? (not unchecking and rechecking it)

Yes, the first time they ship it in the shipping dept this popup appears.

I think I’m about as far as I can help you. Without the stages being set up in my system, I can’t get that popup to go and I don’t know how to set it up.

I really appreciate you helping me troubleshoot. It gave me a few more tools to use in the future. I’ll see if support will throw me a bone on this.

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