Part has no allocations but cannot be marked inactive

We’re trying to mark an item as inactive and getting the error ‘Part cannot be marked as inactive if there is quantity allocated’. It’s a non stock item and a phantom BOM…

I’ve run the Refresh Part Quantities and Allocations Report only and receive a no records selected error

I’ve looked in the PartDtl table, part isn’t in there

I’ve looked at Part Tracker, item is in 2 warehouses and both have a quantity on hand of 0, which makes sense as it’s a non stock item…

I’ve looked in the material queue, it’s also not there.

What am I missing? Is there some other place this might be hiding? .

Anything on Time Phase?

Nope, forgot to list that one. There’s nothing on Time Phase

Maybe run the Refresh PartBin QOH from PartTran as well?

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I’m wondering if it’s because the parts in the phantom bom still have a quantity on hand… Well, it’s not that…

Refresh PartBin and Part Tran shows no differences found

Sometimes it helps if I try to delete the part. You might get a different error message that can help.

I mean, don’t do that if it’s actually possible to delete it. Only if the part has transactions and you know it won’t work.

I tried that and got the error ‘Cannot delete part that has on hand quantity’… Except it doesn’t have any on hand, it’s a non stocked item. Both the Qty On Hand and Non Nettable Qty in Part Tracker show 0 on hand.

Non-stock can have qty.

Also, are ALL bins zero? You might have +5 here and -5 there.

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Bins are all empty.

Well rats.

So quantity is stored in like 972 places.

…and I lose track.

I think you are on a BAQ hunt now…

Yeah, I’ve been trying BAQs and still haven’t had any luck. I am waiting to hear back from support lol… I gave up for the time being. But I’ll update when I have more info.

Or just ‘cheat’ and pop in an EpiCare case. I bet that’s happened before. You might get a KB article pointing out the fix, or a a request for a BAQ of some table, and a datafix response.


Yeah, they sent me a datafix to try so we’ll see.


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Adjust your decimals for the UOM of the part to the max allowable (8?).

In the past I have also run into issues where i cannot inactivate a part because of inventory on hand. Part Tracker shows 0.00, but when i increased the decimals there would be some qty like 0.00000084 EA. Qty adjust that out and then inactivate.

Note: after increasing the decimals allowable for the UOM Code you’ll need to restart Epicor to see it.

Thanks, I took a look at that, but not sure that will help.

The UOM is set to no rounding and we don’t allow decimals. Not sure there would be a quantity of something like 0.00000084 based on our UOM setting.