PartTran to TranGLC

PartTran posting to TranGlc

Is there a posting date that you can see when the partTran transactions hit the TranGlc table

I have transactions in PartTran, all dates say October but these transactions hit TranGLc in November

There should be a posting date in PartTan in my view that would tell me when it hit the GL

Any help most welcome


TranGLC.TranDate should be the date that it was posted.

Have you seen this Capture COS/WIP Activity Apply dates - ERP 10 - Epicor User Help Forum?
Not all of it applies to you, but some of the information he talks about below his question might help serve you.

NIck -

  • The PartTran table will only show the transaction date with respect to inventory numbers.

  • The PartTran.SysDate shows the real date the transaction was created.

  • Neither of these indicate the date the transaction is posted to the GL.

  • The TranGLC is good for finding connecting PartTrans to GL entries.

  • Limit TranGLC to RelatedFile=‘PartTran’

  • Key3 is the PartTran.TranNum.

  • TranGLC.TranDate is the date the GL transaction is applied

  • TranGLC.CreateDate is the date the GL transaction was created (when Capture COS/WIP was run)

  • TranGLC has fields for the Jrnl Code and JrnlNum (for JrnlDtl table)

Here’s an example of how all the dates can vary - and what a headache it can be…

  1. 12/5, November FP is closed
  2. 12/6, A PO Receipt is entered, and backdated to 11/25
  3. 12/7, Capture COS/WIP is run with the option to include outdated trans, using 12/1 for outdated transactions

PartTran.TranDate = 11/25
PartTran.SysDate = 12/6
TranGLC.CreateDate = 12/7
TranGLC.TranDate = 12/1

The GL trans for the PO Receipt are included in the “Periodic Posting Process” entry dated 12/1

Running the Stock Status Report with a date for 11/30 will show the parts as being on hand.
Running the WIP Recon rpt with a date for 11/30 will show the transactions for the PO Receipt.
Both of the above will imply the GL trans happened in November. But actully happen in December.

One last FYI - There is no JrnlHead records for JrnlDtl records where JrnlDtl.JrnlCode=‘IJ’