PartTranSNTran in 10.1

Has anyone else run into the differences in PartTranSNTran in 10.0 vs 10.1?
We have some reporting built off of PartTran 1…* PartTranSNTran 1…1 SNTran and have found that now PartTranSNTran is not generating on shipment and rma disposition which means we can’t relate the SNTran with the associated PartTran without going through the RMA or PackNum. I also found some oddities where other transactions referenced the same SNTranID twice (PartTranSNTran *…1 SNTran) whereas in the previous version these were also 1…1.

If so, what did you do… restructure any reports on this, or is this changed back in a subsequent version?

I just started looking at PartTranSNTran in 10.2.500. I am confused as I was expecting to see a record in the table for every Serialized transaction that creates record in PartTran. I just did a serialized PUR-INS that created a record in PartTran but nothing in PartTranSNTran. I wanted to query back from SNTran to PartTran to get the Plant info at the time the record being written to SNtran