Passing Values to App-Open with Errors

We have a ‘Job Center’ which has queues Jobs based on the needed/pending action.

From each queue, I have a button which opens the app that is needed for the next action in a slide out.

My next enhancement of this is to pass the select job info to the opened app.

I am getting the values passed to the opened app and they are populating perfectly.

HOWEVER, I am also getting two system errors, but ONLY when passing the values… if I remove the ‘Value In’ details from the app-open properties, the system error does not occur.

The button and confirmation of the selected job epbinding:

The event and Value In details triggered by the button:

Receiving and setting the values in the opened-app:

The Values populating as expected:

The errors:

Any thoughts as to why the error is only thrown when the values are passed even though they are being passed and received correctly?


@hmwillett any ideas here? :slight_smile: Thanks!