Paste insert to Updateable dashboard purely for engineering workbench checkout

So there has been a lot of talk of making a mass checkout solution for engineering workbench, because if you have a large list of parent parts you need to check out, it’s very slow to check out one at a time.

I made a UBaq and Dashboard to to a mass checkout. There are NO checks in place for verification, and I skipped a password check that showed up in the trace and went right to checkout.

With the dashboard, you can paste insert a list into the grid and it will check out what you have in the list. You need the udpate field to be true, the company, part number, revision and ECO group. (obviously you have to deploy it to be updateable)

MassCheckoutDashboard.dbd (85.6 KB)

What other things should be added to this to make it better?

Field verification (part number, revision, ECO group) before row save?

Does that password check need to be done that’s in the trace?

Other ideas?

Any reasons NOT to do this?


Thanks for this Brandon, I have my user testing this now. Will report back with her findings. So far looks to be a great help.

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Updated for 2022.2. Performs all rows update vs 1 by 1 with stats displayed at the end. Because it’s a paste insert update column removed for implicit update, error messages displayed instead of exceptions thrown.

WCI-MassCheckout.dbd (80.9 KB)