Paste Update in Dashboard for multiple companies


I have a multi-company environment and I created a dashboard in one of the parent companies where we usually develop our stuff.

I created an Updatable BAQ checking the cross-company checkbox, at first the Dashboard did not allow me to update records that were not of the current logged-in company later I added some BPM code and I was able to update the record of different company.

Now, My issue here is when I am selecting some data from excel the Updation starts from the very first line regardless of the key fields in the BAQ. It does not check the Company nor the segment code it starts updating records from the grid pointer.

user will have to run the dashboard extract the output and add the field and again paste the same set of data in the same order.

Any workaround or solution will be helpful.

Thanks in Advance.

I guess you are updating one field in the query.
Try updataing all the fields in the query. When the dashboard loads do not click on refresh to load all the data.
User can use the paste update option only for the records which they have in their ms-excel.