Payroll Check SRSS Report Layout - Number Format Not Applying

Hi, we recently moved to Epicor and I am working through some tweaks to the system. We are using the payroll module and I hade to redesign the layout significantly. I have a few issues to work out still, but I figured I would post what seems to be a simple one here to see if I can get some assistance.

I am using MS report builder to edit the report (PayrollCheckPrint). All of the dollar values on the check “stub” have 3 decimal places and lack the $. I tried selecting the field in report builder then going to text box properties, number (format) and selecting both number with 2 decimal places and currency with $ and 2 decimal places. Save the report, etc. but these options do not seem to effect this field. They apply correctly on other fields, but strangely not to these. Any ideas?

Look at the expressions for those fields. They probably are more complicated than just referencing the dataset’s field. Most likely they are converting the number to a string, with all the formatting done right in the expression.

We don’t print checks, but I’ve seen other reports do this. Along with the actual number to print, there are fields for the currency symbol and number of decimal places.

If this is the case, the quick fix would be to change the expressions for those numbers, by replacing the field reference for the number of decimals with a fixed value like 2.

The proper fix would be to find the setting in the Company or Payroll setup that dictates the number of decimal places to use.


Thanks, I will take a look there. We can’t adjust the number of decimals in the company setup since we need the 3rd place for purchasing some smaller items.