Perspectives on Insights: How would you improve the conference?

As @askulte mentioned in a different thread, there is a link to send feedback about Insights 2022. I filled it out but thought a larger conversation might be interesting, especially around the panel discussions and room size.

Insights has had a similar template for quite awhile. Meanwhile, the pandemic made other companies rethink their conference strategies. Microsoft Build was held the same week as Insights and it looks nothing like the on-prem version from three years ago.

I have some thoughts (Shocked! Not shocked.) about changes I would like to see for the conference but I’m curious what others feel would improve the experience. What makes the conference valuable or not to you? What do you get out of it? What do you wish you could get out of it? How would you organize tracks/sessions differently if at all?

The floor is yours…


I was bummed I missed MS Build, but had a great time at insights.


You can still see it though… :person_shrugging:

Microsoft Build 2022

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TRUE! I saved the email with the recording link. Now just need to watch it.

Thanks for reminding me :wink:

Added the link above

I am on one today! :man_facepalming:

One thing that I think we would all benefit from is recorded sessions. It would be great if all sessions and labs were recorded so that those of us who attend and can’t possibly make all the session can go back and watch what we missed.
Maybe even a virtual tier for those that can’t attend that can still “buy in” some way to get access to the content.


I like that idea Jose, you would almost have to make the virtual event cost close to the real thing though cause you’d probably lose some attendance. Not sure though.

100% agree with @josecgomez on this! I would have more time to visit the Solution Pavilion if there were recorded sessions.

Maybe the EpiUser panels could do this? :thinking:


On that same note, does anyone have the content for all the sessions in a folder?

@hkeric.wci ?

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Yes but you/he cannot share that here, the content is only for attendees

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Yeah Haso has it somewhere I’ll bug him about it when he has some free time this afternoon.


We have asked before and were told we couldn’t re-post because its a benefit of attendees.

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Ross, loving the user name. :fire:


Sorry, I meant because they give us tiny rooms, why not pre-record the EpiUser sessions before the conference and share them here? Why hide the content from the rest of the community and beg for rooms? Independent consultants would get to share their stuff easier too. Just a thought…


We can and probably should do that, one of the things are we a mulling over is basically doing (or re-doing) these in a Webinar style so everyone else can see them too.


That’s a great idea. Shoot, we could probably do one a month on random stuff apart from Insights.


I agree with the notion of EpiUsers ‘Webinar’ series - sign me up of course!

But to @Mark_Wonsil 's question - In general it’s a marketing event - we all know that - but we all go for the tidbits and morsels of information on things we haven’t thought about. It’s all about the sharing of ideas - so let’s make some sessions for exactly that.

I’ve been on a few Customer Panels, and we’ve done enough ‘stump the chump’ to know that there are SOOOOOO MANY QUESTIONS out there - and so many more generated because of what people see at Insights - that we should have sessions like that at Insights. Call them “Brainstorming with your Peers” or “Q&A Panels” or whatever - but find a few SME’s (EpiUsers, EUG, and Epicor Employees) for a topic and have a session. They try with the SIG Roundtables, but there are too few and they are too generalized.


I think the Midwest EUG has taken over that almost, in an honorary way. And including @josecgomez from Florida, of course. (I remembered this time.)

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I agree, they do a nice job.