Plant - BAQ and DMT don't agree on case?

We have a BAQ that returns a number of columns one of which is the Plant, and we use DMT to change some fields(Plant is unchanged) and write the data back. I’m told this has always worked well but now we’re getting an error, the error is “Plant: Mfgsys is incorrectly cased, did you mean MfgSys”?

Sure enough if we manually change Mfgsys to MfgSys it works, but that doesn’t appear to be what the BAQ is giving us? Any pointers?

Epicor is case sensitive and you can run into isues with Stock Status if you have MfgSys typed incorrectly. Epicor Support has a data fix to correct this.

I learned a long time ago to make the plant id use numbers instead of the default MfgSys, no more issues.