PO Entry ShipTo populating

Here’s the situation: we’re working on a customization for the Purchase Order Entry whereby, on the Header sheet, the user can select a site from the drop down as shown, and then the Ship To fields would populate with the appropriate data.

In the default configuration, when one selects “New PO,” then those fields populate automatically with the default site information. I enabled a BPM on so that opening a new PO would only populate the state and country, and leave the other fields blank.

Now it gets strange…when I select any of the four sites from the drop down, all the fields populate, but…

…the Ship To Name actually flashed for an instant and disappeared! It should read simply “Deshazo Automation Birmingham.” Likewise, if I select any of the other sites in the drop down, the corresponding Ship To Name appears for a flash and vanishes, and the other field values remain.

What’s going on here? What’s the fix, if there is one?

Matthew Morgan

@Matthew_Morgan How is that different than using the Site button below the address? The functionality of Customer, Site, Supplier and Company buttons could be messing with your update.

@gpayne We have only one site configured for this company within Epicor, but multiple physical locations to receive material because we are a custom job shop. We don’t use those four buttons in our SOP anyway.

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UPDATE: We determined that using EpiButtons works much, much better than a drop-down.