PO Line part revs do not default in sometimes

We have upgraded from 10.0.700 to in January and are finding that the PO line part revision does not always default in as it used to.

Newer parts seem to be OK, existing parts prior to the upgrade seem to not default in unless you are on the exact site of the revision. I have a support call in. Any one else run into this?



This isn’t a “solution”, but check the PartRev.Plant field on a new and old Rev. that may be your differences.

I just wanted to note a final resolution here on this item. Working with Epicor support the mixed results I was seeing were related to whether or not there was a plant/site setup on the part master for the site where the PO was being entered. If there was no site setup the PO release would default to the site that was setup on the part master. Once this quirk was resolved all the parts acted the same and we determined that a part revision is required by site to have the PO Line revision default in.