PO Suggestion date isnt lining up with demand, what am i missing?

I have a dashboard that shows the PartDtl, PartBin, NewSugs and Change Sugs.
The jobs are from a Net change last night and PO suggestion Regen just before typing this.
I would expect to see the change suggestions with a Suggested required date of before my demand date of 6/1.
I am running MRP with allow historical dates.


What does the part look like in Time Phase? That will give a more linear picture of what’s going on with the suggestions.

shows the same issue. Suggestion is after the demand.

What’s the lead time on the part? Both supplier price list and part > site.

the PartPlant leadtime is 70.
that part doesnt have a supplier price list.

Anyone got any ideas on what im missing?

The ‘Allow Historical Dates’ field help states:
'Defines that the Process MRP schedules job operations in the past, before the Scheduled Start Date. This option overrides the default MRP calculation that uses the Scheduled Start Date value for all operations, so the process may suggest Start Dates for jobs and purchase orders earlier than the Scheduled Start Date.

Note however, only job and purchase suggestion Start Dates can be placed earlier in the schedule history. It will not place a job’s Required By Date or a PO’s Need By Date earlier than the Scheduled Start Date. If this situation occurs, these records will have their Start Date values placed on the Scheduled Start Date or later.'

Was the Scheduled Start Date in MRP yesterday’s date? If so, that could be why the dates you are seeing on the suggestions are no earlier than 6/9 for existing purchase order lines.

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The 6/8 date has been there all week.
im not so much concerned with the jobs date, more the PO suggestion not creating a change suggestion of before 6/1 as the Job demand for that part is 6/1

@Craig If you have the PO suggestion logs look thru them to get what parameters Epicor is using for this part. If you are not logging then I would suggest turning that on. You can also run a small run of parts in net change manually and look at the log. Planning time fence or in out deltas could be the reason the date is not getting changed.

Below is a sample from a log.


Thanks Greg. I looked at the planning settings yesterday but tested again just now to be sure. Ran a Net change suggestions to get a base line then checked the log, then took the planning settings off on the part and the part class and ran net change suggestions again.

No change.
Still trying to bring the part in on 6/10

@Craig We don’t use receive time, so I don’t really know how it changes the dates, but 30 days may be causing an issue. Can you test with that off?


From field help
Receive Time

Displays the amount of days required to move a part to stock or to the next job. The Receive Time is subtracted from the Requested by Date.

Note: When you schedule a job, the Scheduling engine takes the Requested by Date and subtracts the Receive Time to calculate a net Requested by Date. Scheduling then takes the net calculated date and works backwards to calculate the Start Date. For example:

  • Requested by Date = 30/05/2016

Move Time = 5 days

Calculated net Requested by Date = 25/05/2016

Start Date = 23/05/2016 (calculated by Scheduling based on the net Requested by Date)

receive time pushes the required date on the PO to the left. so it will bring it in earlier.
I can run it again with it off for the test though.

It move 1 suggestion out, but it still wont let the other change suggestion come in before today.

You will never get a suggestion to move a PO to earlier than the current day, even with historical suggestions enabled. If you have dates in the past, Epicor considers those items to have occurred per the dates shown. If you want dates in the past, you have to enable historical dates on the MRP run.

That being said, I have no idea why anyone would want to do that. You would end up with suggestions that cannot be achieved.

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I think @BScanlan nailed this, right? You have the scheduled start date set for “today” so that’s the limit.

The log even looks like it calculated that the PO should be for May 6, but then it thought, well, you said you don’t want it any earlier than today, so June 10 it is.

@Gil_V @JasonMcD
I thought the same thing before I made this post. But when i have more than a few suggested dates before today, I ruled that out.


Do you guys have 0 suggestions before today?

My cutoff is “today” (June 10 at the time), but there are a whopping 3 suggestions for me before June 10.

Here is one (I deleted excess info). Beats me as to why it got scheduled for the 7th when everything else is 6/10 or later.

MRP 500352.txt (40.8 KB)

Is there a “receive time” established for the item?

yes 30 day receive time.
That should bring the part in earlier. I have ran a test of PO suggestions with and with out a value in the Receive time.

It will also change the purchasing suggestion from today to 30 days in the past. At least in the cases I’ve seen.

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