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There is a internal project being planned on the business apps side to upgrade our 10.2.400.19 environment. The are planning to go to latest patch of 10.2.500. I think I will propose going to 10.2.600 rather then stopping at 10.2.500 for 6-9 months. I’m just the IT side for this but doesn’t make sense to stop at 10.2.500. I’m jut going to be deploying 10.2.600 for testing in 6-9 months again anyway.What would you all do? I know now that from a tech side, Epicor supports going from 10.2.400 to 10.2.600 directly. Any feedback on 10.2.600? Is it stable enough for production?

  • Upgrade to 10.2.500
  • Skip 10.2.500 and jump to 10.2.600

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Skip past 10.2.600.4. .4 has a known bug with Change Logs which is being fixed in next patch.


We are also on 10.2.400 and were planning to upgrade to 10.2.600 but that got postponed as we would also have to upgrade SQL and the windows Server OS at the same time. To much $$ at the moment.

Given the investment that goes into testing an upgrade, it seems like good business sense to go straight to 10.2.600, otherwise it will basically cost twice as much to get to 10.2.600 if you go to 10.2.500 first. I would expect that 10.2.600 has had enough time to iron out any major issues.

I think Epicor give each release 18 months of support. So if I remember right (please double check) 10.2.500 was released Oct 2019 and 10.2.600 was May 2020. That means support for 10.2.500 will go into sustaining support in April 2021, and 10.2.600 in Nov 2021. The 10.2.600 install will have a longer life before you have to invest in the next upgrade.


That’s what I was thinking the more I think about the upgrade. The upgrade project internally is scheduled for 3 months to allow for migration, testing, BPM updates/changes, etc. We are going to devote a lot of time doing updates if we go to 10.2.500 I think.

It’s been out since May so they’ve had time to push out a few patches now. Interested to see how many here are on 10.2.600.

You actually get 24 months of active support. So 10.2.500 would go into sustaining support in October of 2021. 10.2.600 is active support until 2022.

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If an upgrade process last longer than four weeks, there’s room for improvement. Do it more often and you’ll find the waste in the process, better choices on customization (or even elimination of said), and automation ideas to reduce the time.


That timeline comes from another department. I’m just on the IT side :man_shrugging:t2:

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I’ve been meaning to mention this on here, glad you brought it up @chaddb
I would upgrade to the latest of 10.2.500.
10.2.600 has had several weird bugs all over the place.
Nowhere near as bad as the E9 days, but very odd for E10.
I would wait until 10.2.600 gets into the double digit patches.
Also 10.2.600 pushes Kinetic hard on the user.
I am usually not a naysayer but 10.2.600 has been rougher than usual for all my clients.


I hear ya’ and the message is probably more for them than you. They’re probably doing too much manually and might eliminate those previous “must haves” if they upgraded more often. :wink:

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There and through 10.2.600.7 there is a client config problem where the System Monitor setting is not enabled so System Monitor does not auto start and no one gets reports.
The trouble is that the setting is in the <user> section and after the initial upgrade that section does not pick up changes.
If you fix the config file before install the issue can be avoided.


Sorry, which section of the client config is the setting in?


Just had to find it myself! Thanks @Rick_Bird

This is the feedback I was looking for. I know they made a lot of changes in 10.2.600 and was hoping someone had feedback about it. Thanks Rick!

:wink: I just told them they need to make sure and test everything. I don’t want to upgrade everything and then get an email that we missed something and XXX isn’t working and we need to revert. It won’t take me long to do the actual server upgrades and client updates. I have most of that automated :slight_smile:

You’d think that Epicor would fix that…

That form doesn’t look familiar. What is that? Is it something new in 10.2.600?

ConfigEditor.exe (installed in client folder), it goes back a few versions. Just an easier view to edit config files.


It is possible to update the .config file from PowerShell since PS can work on XML files. I had a script update the help location when it got dorked in one of the upgrades.


$filePathToTask = C:\Epicor\EpicorClient\config\your.sysconfig
$xml = New-Object XML
$element =  $xml.SelectSingleNode("//StartSystemMonitor")
$element.InnerText = "true"

And normally I would make a copy of the previous .sysconfig file (in the script!) with a date-timestamp on it - just in case. :wink:

You can change attributes too if the value is stored there, but it’s very doable to add as a login script.

All this :poop: goes away with the web client coming to a browser near you.


Learned something new today! I’ve always just manually made adjustments where needed.


And this is why I have a half dozen .sysconfig files for each environment :upside_down_face: Anytime I make a chance I do the same thing. Just in case :poop: hits the fan.

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