Possible to disable the fade behavior on predictive search?

Is is possible to disable the fade behavior on the predictive search popup? I know how to change the delay, but even if I set it to 1ms I still have to wait 3 seconds for it to fade away. Setting it to 0 or -1 errors out. On top of the time delay it’s really cheesy…

Preferred behavior would be that it show and stay put while typing, but disappear on tab, enter, or when something other than the predictive search window is clicked (the same way predictive search works in just about any other software ever).

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This is a fantastic idea.

I went in and changed the sysconfig file to change the delay and it didn’t work at all. Does it need to be changed at AUTO as well? We have an remote desktop set up to onprem software.

The sysconfig settings should apply on re-logon if changed at the individual workstation, though I seem to recall it not taking effect consistently. I don’t install the AUTO shortcuts.

I messed with this for a few hours and then just turned off predictive search. The fade makes it useless, as it takes more time than clicking to use a quick search. It’s disappointing because predictive search works great in just about every other piece of software, including Sage which we migrated from, so it frustrates the users to not have it.

That is so disheartening to know that you just had to disable it completely! With the combined cost and capability of the software, this seemingly basic functionality should work without problem. I know, I said should.

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I think the BAQ Zone search still works in 10. It’s not as intuitive for users, but it doesn’t get in the way if you don’t want it, either.

This would be a good feature/suggestion: Feature Requests and Suggestions - Epicor User Help Forum

Evan good suggestion. I am new to Epicor and therefore also this group. Hopefully I did this correctly and @james, I just included your text to create the suggestion here.

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Just an additional comment about searching… many people dont know that you can type the first portion of data, and press Ctrl-S, and the Search window is auto launched, and your value will be searched…
For example, in the Part screen, in the customer ID Field, you can type “ADD” Ctrl-S, and the search window, and you will see it search for “Addison”.

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I wish they’d chosen a different default hotkey, because Ctrl+S is “save” in pretty much every Windows application. I set Ctrl+S as my global for save, and Ctrl+F for Search (find). But the search only works for the right Ctrl, not the left–by design?

10.2.300 works with both left and right Ctrl+S and also Ctrl+F after setting. Sometimes I have to hold down the hotkeys a little longer than in other Windows programs or it won’t launch.

I’m on 10.1.400, so maybe that’s why. Thanks for the info.