Postdating Inventory Transactions

Hello. We are looking to see if anyone has postdated inventory transactions before and how you did it. To give a brief background of the issue, we are trying to move a quantity from one warehouse to another warehouse at a later date. Epicor for some reason will only post the transaction for the existing date. We do not want it to show up in our books until that date the inventory is to move.

Inventory Transfer, Issue Material and Qty Adjust (possibly more, those are just the ones I checked) let you select a transaction date. That doesn’t work? What kind of transaction are you trying to post date?

I gotta say, I’m a little iffy on the idea of alt-dated inventory. Inventory should be accurate to what is on the floor at all times. If there’s an accounting issue…I’d JE it.


Thanks for the reply John.

Inventory gets moved the same day you enter the transaction instead of on the date you enter for the transaction to take place.

We don’t want anything to move out of inventory until the entered transaction date.

It’s a complicated process to explain with text but would love to provide you more details if you think it is possible via a phone call or Teams.

It’s certainly possible, but you might have to build it or have it built.

What are you using to determine the date the system is using for the transaction?

The WIP Recon report let’s you choose whether the Tran date or System date is displayed.

I’ve never had the need to enter a transaction with a date in the future. Past dates are very common. I could enter a transaction on 11/1 with a date of the 10/28. The system date is 11/1, while the transaction date is 10/28.

When Capture WIP/COS is run the GL transaction created for that transfer will be applied to the October fiscal period (if it is still open).

One more thing to check is the Apply Date rules that can be used to keep people from entering dates outside of a valid range.


If you’re using the Stock Status Report, there are known issues with how it calculates the QOH for the dates other than today’s date.

If you’re seeing the QOH change right away on things like Part Traker, I don’t think they’re date aware.

So is the bigger concern that the QOH’s aren’t right, or that the GL isn’t doing what you want?


Hi Dave,

Perhaps you could use multi-site and transfer orders. Then you can prepare a transfer pack but not click shipped until you are physically ready to move. However, multi-site has some interesting functionality to deal with such as no across site jobs, MRP replenishment on a per site basis, and segregated accounting. For some businesses I suspect, the segregated accounting could be a plus.


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We’re taking guess at the real issue you’re trying to address.

If its that a lot of inventory is being moved from one warehouse to another (say thousands or tens of thousands transactions), and know it would take 10 days to manually doo all those entries, so you want to start entering them 10 days before they physical move date. Then use DMT and run it the day of the physical transfer. But this assumes there wouldn’t be any regular trans actions on those bins between the tran entry and the physical move (seems unlikely)