Posting Rule Consultant

Sorry if this post is against any rules… but looking for some help.
I am in need of somebody to modify posting rules in 10.1
Setup multi-plant and want to drive revenue, COGS, AR Trade, etc to the appropriate plant.
I know some of this can be done through additional Product groups, but not everything, so figured we would just go with one solution for everything.

Is there any GOOD resources out there who can help? Epicor has been slow to respond with getting somebody to do this, so figured I check with this forum.

It’s totally cool to ask but responses should not be here online. Provide some way for people to contact you off the forum.


Mark W.

Thanks mark. Contact info below

Andrew Fagan

I know of someone, not sure what the rules are on posting names here though?

Look me up on Linked In and send me a message

Simon Graham