Prepaid deposits table on invoices

I am trying to figure out what table prepaid deposits are stored in for an invoice. This when a customer prepays on a credit card for an order so there’s no open invoice but when the balance shipped and freight charged it was a new charge on a new closed invoice.

You want to know where the info for the “Allocated Deposit Invoices” is being pulled from?

Look at the reports RDD, and if it lists tables and not views, then look at the report’s RDL to see what is in the expression. Most likely, that RDL is using a sub-report, so look in there.

Did anybody ever identify where this data is coming from? Everything I can find points to a table that doesn’t actually exist called AllocDeposit. I found a reference in some stored procedures, but I can’t decipher where the data actually resides.

It’s probably from a combination of sources like: Advanced Billing, Credit Card Payments, and maybe even Credit Memos.

Your best bet to hunt it down would be to find an invoice with a non-zero AllocDeposit, and list all the orders referenced by that Invoice. Then look into the tables that might hold credit or deposit info, filtering to just the orders from step 1.

Yeah, I’ve done that. I’ve spent the better part of the day trying to track this down. I’ll keep digging.

I’m looking at this now too. @AndrewF, Did you get to the bottom of it?

For the “Less Prepaid Deposits”, I’m seeing it has a value on the invoicehead screen for Shipment invoices (InvoiceType = SHP), if there was also a Paid Deposit invoice (InvoiceType = DEP) for the same order line, PRIOR TO the Shipment Invoice.

And, for the “Less Cash Deposits”, I’m seeing that gets populated if there was an additional deposit invoice made AFTER the shipment invoice. Though I don’t know why you’d need to make a separate invoice for the deposit if you could just receive the cash to the initial shipment invoice…

Does this align with what you found / what others see?

You want to include the ARPrepaymentTran with an outer join to show the deposit and how it was applied.