Print Preview SSRS report, click email address, open Outlook/attached PDF?

Users would like to do the following:

  1. Print Preview a report, say Order Ack
  2. Review data on report
  3. Click the customer email address in report
  4. System automatically opens Outlook, fills in “to” based on what was clicked, attaches PDF to email

Any suggestions on how to clean up this process? Currently they:

  1. Preview Report
  2. Copy email address, open outlook, create email, paste address
  3. Save previewed report as PDF on desktop
  4. Go back to email, add as attachment, send
  5. Delete desktop pdf

We’ve tried previewing in Edge, but no clickability on the email address. Adobe Acrobat seems slightly better, but still not streamlined (unless we are missing something).

We would use the email feature right in Epicor’s print window, but the “from” address is not customizable and always sends out from a generic corporate email address instead of the employee’s.


You want Epicor Document Sender. It used to be a DotNetIt product but your CAM can get you pricing.

APM was the popular program to do something similar prior to 10.1. 10.2 now has it integrated, look for ‘SSRS Breaking/Routing’ in the Report style screen.

we are planning to use Advanced Print Routing(APR) to email SO Ackn, POs, AR Invoices and other reports to our customers. If you the email addresses in Epicor - customer contacts or maybe even UD fields then APR can pick up the fields and the user don’t have to open outlook, add the email addresses, attach the pdf. APR does it all for them.