Printing issue to Client Printer

Trying to print to a client Printer, while running the Client App as an RDApp.

When you click the Print \ Client Printer, the status of the Reporty window changes to “Retrieving client printer settings…”

Then after about 5-10 seconds the screen flashes, and the Report window title bar includes “(Not Responding)”. It stays this way for 2 minutes (really, 2 minutes. I’ve timed it)

After the 2 minutes, the SSRS Client Printer window pops up and you can print.

Subsequent prints to the local printer seem to happen okay (within 10-15 seconds). But as soon as you logout and back in, the initial 2 minute wait happens all over again.

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Just a follow up. I got the following from Epicor Support

The fix to this issue will be included in the 10.1.400.23 be released on November 23rd under SCR 191436. You may be able to reduce the current two minute time the first time it is called by disabling print redirection in your RDP connection window and manually installing the printers on your RDP server under your user profile as a short-term workaround.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


Did you ask them for a one off for your version? Depending on the issue, they will generally give you a one off….

M. Manasa Reddy
P: 703.471.7145 x454

They don’t do one offs any more for 10.1 you have to wait for the 2 week fix cycle :frowning:

Well this day just gets better every minute… Manasa

Nevermind, Calvin!

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