Private Messaging

I wanted to PM a file to someone (well, technically a link to a file) and was unable to figure out how to PM someone on this site. But then somebody in the thread figured out how to PM me, and I was able to reply to that, but it seems like they have different UI when looking at their own or another users profile page. Are only certain users allowed to PM on this site, or what am I missing?

Users need to be trust level 3 for private messaging. This promotes activity at the public level otherwise everyone would be running silent or pinging ppl unnecessarily.


Furthermore it deters consultants from spamming users privately


I guess that all makes sense, so appreciate the response and your looking out for the community.

Let me ask this follow-up question then, perhaps a different solution I haven’t thought of would have worked. Is there any good way to share a file or attachment with someone on this site at their request, other than to have them try to obfuscate their email in a response that everyone (including spam bots?) can read?


And you don’t want to share these files with the rest of the community? Not saying that you have to but he did ask the question publicly and the point of the forum is to help others later on?
Either way, there is no way to do what you want right now without giving everyone access to Private Messages.

If one REALLY wants to be able to share a file privately without giving away personal credentials, there is a way.

There is a Chrome extension called miniLock. What each person does, is install the extension. It will ask you for an email address and a passphrase. The extension generates a public encryption key. This key is called your miniLock ID. You can share your miniLock ID with anyone. Put it in your email signature, whatever. When someone wants to share a file with you, they drop the file on the app and adds the recipients miniLock ID to it. This creates an encrypted file that can be shared publically through DropBox, Google Drive, or whatever. The recipient drops the file on the app and it decrypts it with the private key.


Having said that, the point of the forum is to share. :slight_smile:

Mark W.


Point taken @josecgomez, and thanks for the cool idea @Mark_Wonsil, but I guess in this particular instance I was just unwilling to post the files publicly without spending some serious time combing through them to ensure nothing sensitive was in there. But the user asking for help was in a time crunch. But no worries or hard feelings, I understand for sure why things are setup the way they are.


I’m the person who mentioned the clicking on the of the person that you want to PM in the post. I was just pointing out to Adam what I had discovered. I got PM reply asking me more about this feature, I have checked again and now I don’t see the option, has something changed overnight or am I just going balmy?

BTW I am a big fan of sharing files. It is one of the things, that could really make E9/E10 great. ESC in particular could really benefit with some good examples outside the standard consuming an excel spreadsheet. Dare I say getting REST connectivity to work better, and some REST examples would unlock its potential totally (apologies for the OT bit).


I’ll be excited to see some REST examples as we move forward. It’s pretty new yet with 10.1.500 and as people determine business use cases we’ll probably see some cool stuff as time goes on. I’ve seen several posts on the group regarding service connect so it’s nice to see it being used out there. I vaguely recall us making some changes to PM’ing around that time @Hally, so that may be the reason for the difference? Hard to say, I’ve been a bit consumed of late due to a change in employment.

Thanks Rob,
Looking forward to Insights. It will be great to meet up and put some faces to the names/Avatars.

Can’t seem to see messaging working now though. Although I can see the envelope in my profile when I click on my avatar in the Top right.