PUR-UKN transactions on a stock Item

Hi all,
I am having an issue with a single part that has been setup like all others, but when receiving it goes nowhere.
We have a minimum on hand as well that produces a PO suggestion all the time, but we cannot receive it.
In the latest transaction it is possible to see a bin being used but the transaction was still PUR-UKN and stock remains to 0.
I have finished the usual checks and I do not know where else to look

Is the PO line you’re receiving against setup as ‘inventory’ or ‘other’?

It is on Other and I cannot change it.
The part is setting it, but I cannot see where the part setup went wrong

If there are transactions against the PO Line then I don’t think you can change it. You’ll need to create a new PO Line as ‘inventory’.

I would like to change the part in order to have a chance to have future purchasing going in stock

Are NonStock and Qty Bearing set correctly (NonStock = false, Qty Bearing = true) for the Part and all Part Plant records?

Yes, check, check, and triple check

Hi Valentina,

Any chance user typed the part number in incorrectly and it is very similar to the one in the part master? If not that, any chance the part setup got changed to look all “a ok” after the PO was already cut?


Unluckily no. I have just tried to recreate the issue in the Test environment and with the same part, same settings, same etc. it created an Other line, just as the original issue.

Check the Part → Sites → Detail tab in part maintenance. It can be set different from the values on Part → Detail

Are you specifying an Order line in the PO? That may force it to be “Buy To Order” which uses the “Other” purchase line type

Part Detail: image

Part Plant: image

@ckrusen I am creating the PO, selecting New Line, selecting the part no. and it goes on Other.

Does this part have a PartClass assigned? If so, do other parts of that class do the same?

It is a consumable part, and all other parts with consumable class are going into stock.

Does the issue happen if you were to select a different supplier?

Yes, I have tested with the proper one and a couple of other random ones

I ran a trace of creating a new PO line for a Qty Bearing part, and see:

<changedValue tableName="PODetail" rowState="Added" rowNum="0" colName="CalcTranType"><![CDATA[PUR-STK]]></changedValue>

That’s from BO PO.ChangeDetailPartNum

Which is what I would expect, except for the fact that the PODetail table doesn’t have a column named CalcTranType. And that the TranType isn’t even stored in PODetail. It is stored in PORel.

The Data Diction for PORel.TranType:


If you do a trace, does it show “PUR-UKN” ?

AND just curious, is there currently any QOH of the part?

the trace was showing PUR-STK and all past transactions were PUR-UKN.
Apparently it wasn’t a new item set up last November as believed at the beginning, but an older one that used to be non-stock and all orders have been raised while the part was using these settings.

Thanks everyone!

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