Purchase order comments from part master/reporting/purchasing comments

Is it possible to have the Part Master/Reporting/Comments/Purchasing added to a subcontract purchase order when the P.O. is created? We currently look up the last P.O. for the part number and copy and paste the comments from the old P.O. to the new P.O. and would like to have a standard comment by part number that can be maintained in a single location yet be copied to a new P.O. when the P.O. is generated. I am not familiar with the purchasing module nor do I have access but am asking for my buyers as they want me to add comments to the MOM subcontract operations as these currently will transfer to the P.O., but I do not want to maintain the buyers notes nor do I want these notes to print on the job traveler.


Purchasing Comments in part maintenance?

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Bruce, these do not transfer to the P.O. notes on a job, should they?

Mike R.

Bruce, I did have the verbiage wrong on the type of purchase order in my post, it should have been for a subcontract purchase order, not a service purchase order.


Wonder what your setup/process looks like?
If the part number on the subcontract - has a matching part master?
And what the jobs look like, got details from what, etc…?

When I test generating suggestions after creating a new job with the subcontract op/part
comment came thru OK (note I also have a BPM appends the suggestion number to the comment).
Ref screenshots
Part master –
Job Subcontract –
PO Suggestion –
PO Line –

Bruce, Thanks for the feedback. I will have someone look into how things are setup here but from what you are telling me the notes in the part master should be the notes the populate on the purchase order, is that a correct statement?


Bruce, I just got this from our IT group:

"I don’t know if you’ve looked at this already, but the issue is that Part 2867-50-083 is not a Purchased Part, and so is not going to pull in purchasing comments.

Subcontract is considered an ‘Operation’, so the Operation comments are what will print. Currently, the operation comments are:

  • Unable to paste picture on email here*

The information that is on the Purchasing comments tab in the Part Master should be in the Operation Comments on the method, for the Operation 280. I believe that will print on the PO."

The problem I see with this is that purchasing does not control the comments in the methods nor do we want them to have access to change the Methods at this time.