Copy from PO Line to Job Material

Purchasing often buys non-Part Master material for jobs. They start with the PO Line, then enter the job number, select the assembly, and in the “Mtl” (Material) field, select “Add” from the Open With context menu, which opens the (Job) Material Maintenance form, but the form opens blank. I want the Material Maintenance form to open pre-populated with Part, Description, Quantity, UoM, etc. so that the purchaser doesn’t have to retype everything. Suggestions?

my suggestion is that purchasing use a different procedure…

  1. in the JOB, you add the material to the job. if the part number doesn’t exist, you can also mark it as make direct or purchase direct. if purchased, you can even specify the supplier and any additional comments
  2. run “Generate Suggestions” in the purchasing module
  3. the buyer should then use the “New PO Suggestions” process, you will see a suggestion to purchase the item. at this point you select the line, and choose to Generate POs. This will then create a new PO for you with all teh details, including the comments you entered on the job.

Requisition entry works well for this as well. You can reference a job # on the requisition line. When you send the req to purchasing it auto adds the part to the job and *creates the PO suggestion at the same time.

*suggestion is created without needing to Generate Suggestions


Both excellent and proper suggestions, but we’re not there yet. At present, the only way that we populate jobs with material is from the PO. We have no Operations, Resource Groups, Resources, MoMs, etc…

What I need for the immediate are suggestions as to the best way to pre-populate certain fields in the (Job) Material Maintenance form from the PO Lines form; a practice that we will abandon when we are to the point were we are populating job materials, then cutting POs.

you dont really need to have all the operations and things to get this to happen in the job…
Who tells the buyer what to buy? how are they telling the buyer… my thought is that they could change their mechanism to tell the buyer what to buy into using the JOB instead of the current process. OR a requisition like @zwilli526 suggested.
I think you are going to go through a lot of work/customization to get it to automatically work by pushing from a PO since that is sort of backwards.