Purchased Parts with One manufacturer, many suppliers

Hi we have large number of parts that we buy from suppliers. The suppliers buy direct from manufacturer and sell to us.
So, The supplier can vary but the manufacturer is always the same. what would be the option where we can keep track of the manufacturer details of the part. Would that be part description? or is there a better way?


Well I didn’t look in part.

There is a Brand Field (Part.CommercialBrand) in the part tracker. Under General tab > Attributes Tab > Commercial section. Think this is the solution.

Any ideas or advice welcome.

Prior to attributes we added a field with a dropdown that linked to the manufacturer table.

great Thanks! |

So the “Attributes” was added recently I understand?

If you’re happy to share, Have you stuck with that added field or are you using “Attributes” section now to maintain Manufacturer information for parts?

We still use it. The manufacturer table has the distributers in order of preference and I did not want to rebuild that.

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fair enough, why change something that’s working perfectly fine and does everything needed.

Thanks again for you help!

You can also track supplier part number, Manufacturer and Manufacturer Part on the supplier price lists. It is already built in there. Qualified Manufacturer also lets you attach a manufacturer and part number to a part record.