Question about issuing material from 2 warehouses

We have 2 separate production warehouses where we produce finish goods and issue raw material. It’s like 2 sites, except we are running Mattec and so Epicor is set up with just 1 site. Production Jobs come from make direct sales orders. When raw materials are issued to jobs, the system defaults the warehouse to the primary warehouse of the raw material part. We are wondering if there is a way to set the warehouse on the job so that issuing default to the correct warehouse for each job. Any thoughts on that would be appreciated.

What would define which warehouse the job belongs to? The produced part?
Like finished part XYZ-123 is only stocked in warehouse B, so its job is effectively a “site” B job. And all the parts for that job should come from warehouse B.

Is every part available in both warehouses?

Yes, the warehouse of the produced part would be the warehouse for issuing material. And, yes, every raw material stocked and used in both warehouses.

Which warehouse a part is produced is really determined based on capacity of the production equipment. Once that is determined, it would be ideal if the raw material would be issued from that warehouse.

Develop a BPM to update JobMtl Warehouse based on OrderRel warehouse. Epicor picks this warehouse first and if the stock is not available, then it picks from other warehouse.