Question: PartWhse entries with no corresponding PartBin entry?

I wanted to ask anyone if they know what process would “strand” a PartWhse entry with zero quantity and no corresponding Partbin entries? We have a VERY large number of active Parts that are stocked and Quantity Bearing, with zero quantity in any bin, and no PartBin entries exist for the part and warehouse. AFAIK PartWhse entries should be deleted if there is no stock for the part and no PartBin entries exist. I’ve requested a data fix for this issue, but I wanted to ask if there’s something we’re doing that would cause this on a regular basis.

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How would you transfer parts to that Warehouse later? Without a PartWhse record, I don’t think it comes up in the dropdowns. Could be wrong but I’ve seen it recently. Bins? Sure. PartWhse, I’d hold off on that.

Thanks, @Mark_Wonsil ! Could have sworn the PartWhse entry would get deleted, obviously mistaken… :upside_down_face: