QuickShip 2022.2.9.0131 web.config Bug

There isn’t a category for QuickShip so putting this here.

In case anyone else runs into this. There is a bug in the QuickShip 2022.2.9.0131 installer that removes a line from the web.config that’s required. Around line 703 need to put back the serviceHostingEnvironment collection. The EpicorFreightService.svc won’t compile without it and you’ll get an error.

<serviceHostingEnvironment minFreeMemoryPercentageToActivateService="0" multipleSiteBindingsEnabled="true" aspNetCompatibilityEnabled="true"/>

Thanks Chadd, I also saw an issue with a SQL script that uses a parameter only available in SQL server 2019.

I upgraded to version 2022.2.7.0113 and had to run SQL scripts to fix the issue since we aren’t using SQL server 2019.

I ran into that as well. We happen to have SQL 2017 and SQL 2019 so I just moved QuickShip to our SQL 2019 server. But, that would trip people up too.



@utaylor - there is also another pretty big bug that they were supposed to fix in 2022.2.9. In all previous version of QS going back 3+ years to versions 4 and 5. The document manager doesn’t save setting to the dB for country selections correctly. It just ignores the settings. I put a ticket in back in 2019 for it and again a couple months ago. Epicor still hadn’t fixed it but the ticket from January they finally moved it to dev and fixed it.

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I don’t even know what the document manager is and why the country matters for document manager

In QS they have a Document Manager where you setup the QS reports.


Some reports are only need for some foreign countries. But, the UI shows them as blanks after saving and in the database they write blank values. Instead of the actual country values.

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Nice. By “some foreign countries,” do you mean just mexico and canada or does it actually produce paperwork for other countries?