Quote Entry Issue

This morning we had all of our servers go out and I finally have them back up. Then I get told one of my order entry folks cannot enter a Quote. My brain is a little fired and cannot figure out why.

@Will79. We are going to need a bit more information if we are going to help, when you mean “cannot enter a Quote” what do you mean?

  1. They can’t open quote entry?
  2. They cannot enter in the customer?
  3. They can’t enter a part?
  4. They can’t save the quote?

These are just an example of some specifics.

If they have not logged out of Epicor cleared out their temp directory and log back in I would start their first.

And the really stupid first question, is “Could they create a quote previously?”


So, I just got an email from the manager last week about this not working. And with today being what it was, I just took her word for it. However, when I called the entry person, all they needed to do was select the New Quote. Sigh…Sorry, but thank you! Your questions sparked the thought to call and ask that.

Sounds like it’s beer-thirty where you are @Will79 !! :beers::beers:

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Great to hear it got resolved. Sometimes in the throws of things we hit the panic button. I’ve done it plenty of times myself and think of the most complicated resolution, instead of looking at the simple first.

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This morning I come into Quote Entry being greyed out for more people including me. Meaning, we enter the Quote, go to Task–>Detail, and no one can enter anything. Yet yesterday all but one could.