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Me and quoting again! :smile:

I was watching a youtube video tutorial (https://youtu.be/m6PF_ryXQwE?t=35) and there is clear-as-day, a field for Revision. I’m assuming that it is Epicor 9 that the video presenter is running as well. We’ve been running E10 for quite some time, and have not once seen this field.

Is this available somehow in E10.x? And if so, what are the business processes that go on behind the scenes - can we then set up what task it goes back to after a rev is made?

I know there is the parent quote field, and that’s what we are ‘making do’ with at the moment, but it seems self-defeating to have removed such a vital component from the quoting system.

Any advice is greatly appreciated! :slight_smile:



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There is a field for internal part revision number and a field for customer part revision number. They can be found on the Line > Detail tab in Opportunity/Quote Entry. Both fields are located on the same line as the internal part number and the customer part number, respectively (just to the right of it). We are running 10.1.400.17.


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If you are looking for a Quote Revision field…it does not exist…what you probably saw was the part rev field.


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@Beth Ahh thanks for that! I meant for the Quote Header though :slight_smile: Good tip to know though, that a customer part can have a revision attached to it!

@Manasa The field at that time frame on the video looks like it’s for the quote header (it’s on the quote summary page). I am starting to think that it may be a UD field, and we may look at implementing something similar soon.

Currently the “Parent Quote” field is the only way to do a ‘revision’ as I’ve found, but as many of our salespeople are finding, it is way too inconvenient to ‘lose’ a quote, and have to recreate it from scratch (because copying the quote locks the currency :frowning:). Also, issuing a new quote number to a customer can be quite confusing, which is the exact opposite of what I’d like to achieve!

Thanks for the comments and tips so far!

Adding a custom field to the Quote Header makes perfect sense. Add a BPM that alerts people when the quote revision has changed is a nice feature too. You’ll probably want to modify your Quote form too to reflect the revision.
We have some customers who create “revisions” by adding new lines, even for the same part number, with new pricing. They have a checkbox on the quote detail that is used to suppress the printing of those lines on the “revised” quote accordingly. Reset the quote numbering on the form to avoid any confusion.


Sorry about that. When I hear revision, my mind always goes to the part first! I understand what you are looking for now. We added a UD field when we were in E9 that had a BPM to fill the UD field in.

If the quote was a new quote, the BPM would put the quote number, then a dash, followed by the quote number into this UD field. If the quote was “copied”, it would then fill in the original quote number followed by a dash, then the new quote number.

A quick search was created so that anyone could search this UD field by the original quote number and all of the related quotes would show up.

In your case though, if you can’t copy the original quote, this won’t work. You would have to manually enter the quote number with “revision number”.


Hey Beth & Matt,

@mhellwig Definitely, relatively easy and so much value that comes from it! I am genuinely surprised this is not a standard feature, as even outside of work-life, I’ve seen quotes revised - so would imagine that it would be something quite normal.

@Beth No worries at all! I think the UD field on the header is definitely the way to go! We are looking at doing a simple revision system in that a new quote is generated and it will have Revision 01 (ie Quote#: 10000-01), and any revision after that will simply increment the revision on the end.

I will probably revisit the Quote Copy function and see if I can make a pre-process BPM to inject the currency prior to it saving (which then makes the quote currency unchangeable) - this may make the idea you suggested viable in our scenario which would be awesome :slight_smile:

Thank you very much for the comments and ideas! :smiley:

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