RDD customization issue - adding Part Rev table to POForm

Hi all,

I’m trying (and struggling per the norm) to add the PartRev.DrawNum field to our PO form.

I already have a copy of the system def, and I’ve added the table and a relationship.

I’ve verified that my report is using the correct data def:

So far none of the xml’s I’ve generated have contained these fields. I’m not sure what else I need to do, as I usually add additional tables via the linked tables tab.

Did I miss something while adding the table, or is there a different way to go about this?

Thank you for reading.

Did you make relationships between Part and PODetail?

And unless there are fields in Part you want to add to the RDD, you don’t need it. You could relate PartRev to PODetail, as PO Detail has PartNum and RevisionNum fields.

Also, you should probably make the relationship the type Output. If you make it Definition Only, then the PO line would be dropped if no PartRev record was found for the Part.

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Hey Calvin, thanks for the reply!

This is an RDD that has existed for a long time, I’m just trying to add an additional table to it, so yes, there is/has been a relationship between part and PODetail. I’ll experiment with linking the rev table to the order dtl table instead and see if that helps…that seems like a better idea regardless now that I think about it.

Thanks for the advice regarding output instead, and I’ll follow up soon.

Calvin, that was the fix, PartRev>PODtl and output for the type.

Thank you!

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So I’m still struggling with this one on the Crystal side. I’ve had this happen before when trying to edit another custom RDD, and I’ve never figured out why this happens.

So using the approach above, I was able to add the DrawNum field from PartRev to our PO form, but with the PartRev table added to the form, only the first line of any PO will populate. The second I delete the DrawNum field from the report, the additional lines populate immediately.

Crystal is pretty simple to use with BAQs I’ve written, but I have no idea what goes wrong when the data is generated from RDD’s. The best I can assume to do is add the additional PartRev table in Database Expert, and then link PartRev and PODtl the same way they are linked in the RDD.
Crystal Links

I’m not sure how many are still using Crystal, but hopefully someone has experienced this before and knows what is causing it. Thank you.

You have to create the link again in Crystal Reports for the changes made in RDD.

Vinay Kamboj

Thanks, Vinay. I included a screen shot of the links in the post above yours, unless you saw something that was incorrect.

So last night I actually got the report to work for one of my test PO’s…but I still can’t figure out why the report is successfully generated for one PO and not another. It doesn’t seem to matter whether or not the part revision has a drawnum or not, so it’s not an inner/outer join issue.

I have to continue testing different combinations of parts on PO’s and try to figure this out, but does this new info make sense to anyone?

Solved. The Crystal links needed to be changed to outer joins…hard face palm there. Thanks for the assists.