RDD makes different datasets for Crystal Report vs SSRS?

I’m trying to make a Report that I made in CR (when back on 8.03), as an SSRS report in E10.

The CR report runs fine in E10, except when users have issues with the CR Runtime viewer.

The CR report uses the original RDD (JobPickl to be exact). But when I try to make an SSRS report using that same RDD, some of the fields available in CR are not available in SSRS.

Specifically, JobList. It is in the CR dataset

But not in the SSRS dataset:

In fact, the tables listed in each aren’t even the same.

If different dataset is the norm, any suggestion on how to get the list of jobs selected in on the Filter tab of the print Pick List program?

I edited the RptParameter Query, adding “,T1.JobList” to get:

="SELECT T1.BarCodes,T1.DecimalsQuantity,T1.JobList FROM RptParameter_" + Parameters!TableGuid.Value + " T1"

and added the new field

That worked.

But how would one know that the JobList field even existed, without seeing it in a CR report?

Dear Calvin,
In E9 fortunately in the RDD you can see both included AND excluded table fields, but in 10.0 it was more awkward in that an exclusion had to be first created, then negated, to make sure a specific field would be available in a given report.

Maybe a dashboard could be created, which would give information on included and excluded fields in an RDD. Field Help reveals tables such as RptTable, RptCalcField, RptExclude, etc.

If you create a Crystal RDD from the SSRS one, just long enough to Generate Only a report you could view its XML.


  1. So the data in a dataset from an RDD depends on the report?
    ( is there a smiley for :mind blown" ?)

  2. In my example above, I manually edited the RDL dataset query and fields, adding field “JobList” to the RptParameters “table”. That was a lucky guess based on what fields were available in the dataset in a CR. Looking at an RDD’s innards, doesn’t give any hints at what would be available in the tables like “RptParameter”

  3. If I have a BAQ Report that uses a Filter tab (say to select Jobs), could I just manually edit the BAQR Rpt’s dataset query and fields to get the “JobList” of jobs the user selected on the filter tab at run time? Would it be “Filter01”? Or perhaps based on the name of the BAQ field the filter is connected to?