RDD, Table Criteria

We’re on 9.05.605 – I’m trying to create a modified report data definition to use for EDI, to filter out child lines on sales kits.

I’ve duplicated the Epicor default EDIPckSl Report Data Definition, but when I try to add a Table Criteria to the ShipDtl table, to filter out those lines with parent products, I get this error:

Criteria can not be added to System Defined Report Tables.

In addition, I’ve added a table, and was able to add criteria on it … just not on the tables that originally came with this RDD.

Is there a way to add this type of filter/criteria to ShipDtl? Or is there a better place to add it?

Thanks for any help.

Can you just delete ShipDtl and then add it back (so it seems like you added it and its not system generated).