InvcHeadShip table does not show Exclusion options in Report Data Definition

Hi - I am trying to create a Report Data Definition for an EDI transaction for an Advanced Shipment Notice. In Epicor 9 we used the InvcHeadShip table for this RDD. In Epicor 11 it says this table is a temp table for Packslip and Master Pack and does not show a list of fields to include or exclude. Just wondering if anyone else has run into something like this and wondering how they handled it. To add another table will cause us to have to change the Schema from the Customer through our VAN which we will have to pay for. Please let me know your thoughts.


Jill Schoedel

Not specifically this RDD/Datasource but I have run into this problem with other RDD/Temp tables. ( and this is the thing I REALLY hate about RDD’s. )

Sometimes you can get help or documentation from Epicor support - or if they can’t help now, you still might be able to request they to create a new knowledgebase doc.

Otherwise… I’ve always been stuck trying to reverse engineer,