Receipt Label XML vs Bartender

I’m trying to track down why a certain folder keeps getting .xml dropped into it.

The folders are user report folders located on the Epicor server here:
The files are named like: Generic Receipt2868336.xml where the number changes. Different receivers have their own folders.

Inside Report Style we have this.

However we also have Bartender receipts setup and working:

And we have a DataDirective on receipt entry that uses those styles to drop a .bt file which we have Bartender listening to.

My question is if we have the Bartender setup, why is Epicor still creating XML for a generic receipt? We can’t figure out how to turn off the xml files from the generic receipt. Does Epicor use the XML to create the receipt .bt files? Is that what’s happening under the hood?

I contacted Epicor support about this and they confirmed that indeed the XML files are used to create the .BT files in the background.