Registration for Insights 2023 is NOW OPEN!

OK… you can now register for #Insights2023… the website has all the details. Looking forward to seeing you all there!


Agenda at Glance:

Where could I get the extended education agenda and pricing?


it will be announced very soon. They are still finalizing the classes.


did anyone receive the EUG discount code email yet?

Not I, and the website has nothing still either.

If you go in to modify your registration, you can see the list of Extended Ed courses there, though it looks like it may not be a complete list…per Tim’s message above, they may still be finalizing them.

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We’re still waiting on ours.

@klincecum @Erin_Corona I just got the email for the EUG discount code.

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Me too, thanks for the notification though!!

@utaylor - now I can’t seem to find how to get back to the page where I need to put the code. Can anyone help me out?

Click “Register”, then click this at the bottom and log in.

I’ve done that, @hmwillett - but keep going - that field is nowhere to be found…only on that first page where you enter your email. I sent them an email so I’ll see what they say.

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After talking with Brandon–it seems that if you already completed registration and paid, then you might be S.O.L.
I never completed mine (stopped short of paying), so maybe that’s why I have this?

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Oh, is that it? I haven’t paid yet, but I did select the Check option, so maybe I’ll try de-selecting it to see if that field comes back…I dunno. Happy thoughts! :crossed_fingers:

Yeah, that’s what Brandon did too. Hopefully it works if you unselect it!

It’s like that every year, you’ll have to contact them to apply the discount.

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You caaaaaan’t unselect it!!! It’s a radio button, so you can only make a different selection now.
Hopefully, Epicor can apply the code for us…eagerly awaiting their response to my email.

Of course it is! :rofl:

What do you mean of course it is? It could have been a checkbox. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: