Remove old Menu Items on Modules we cannot see

We are looking at upgrading from 10.2.200 to 10.2.600.
We have a few dashboards that are under the module AEP (we don’t have the module Licensed or Enabled in the Admin Console).

Was thinking of deleting the Dashboard and BAQ from Epicor, but that would leave the Menu Item still in the database. Is there a way to remove the Menu item as well? Since the module isn’t Enabled, Menu Maintenance does not show the Menu Items. I can only “see” it when I search the Ice.Menu table.

It looks to be something that was around in our version 9 days and has just been sitting there. The BAQs are erroring out during the conversion process, which is why I was just thinking of deleting them.

Should I just delete away and not worry about the Menu entry?

I think your safe if a menu item points to a missing resource. Especially if the menu is not accessible. Are you sure the BAQ or DB aren’t used anywhere else (form customization, other DshBd, BAQ report, etc…)?

And if the concern is the BAQ giving errors in the conversion, and you don’t use it in the current version, why not just update the BAQ, to be a basic one, with now errors (like just contains the company table).