Remove the subtotals from the canned reports

Is there a way to easily remove the subtotals from the reports in Epicor? It is a real pain to have to clean up the data in Excel just to be able to use the data. I can’t be the first to ask about this. Isn’t there a simple setting or radio button to select to pull the raw data in single rows? Best example is the “Open Purchase Orders Report”. I want to be able to grab that data and drop into another spreadsheet already formatted with formulas without have to filter the headers and blank ros and columns out.

Hi Ray,
I would try to setup a BAQ that shows the data I am interested in. Then you can customize the columns that show, and once you get it looking correct, you can save it and export it that way every time.

Changing the reports is a different story. You need to make your own custom report using a copy of the existing report. Then you can use SSRS report builder to edit the report layout including which fields are displayed.

For your need to drag and drop data, I would go with the BAQ approach.

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Thanks! Much appreciated.