Report print not working

Through the customer shipment tracker module, navigating to actions and print has stopped working all of a sudden. After selecting print, nothing happens such as the print preview selection window would normally appear to either print preview or print to a on-site printer. How do I go about looking at a modules print action functionality ect? Thank you.


could you please check the Report Location. I think report location is not correct.

I would try clearing your client cache. Settings > General > Clear Client Cache. Have you recently customized this print screen by chance?

The locations seem to be correct. There have been no modifications to the locations or report styles as well.

There have been no customization to this print screen. What is the navigation to et the the settings through epicor?

Home Screen > Settings (Blue Gear/Cog) > General > Clear Client Cache

Thanks, I cleared the cache but am still having the original issue.

Maybe open the screen as developer mode and use base?

Can you print from the pack slip?