Report Style default is blank

We have one user here who is not seeing the default ( or any ) Report Style when the Print Dialog is opened for Sales Order Acknowledgment.

We have three Report Styles, with one set for default. All three are set to valid; one of these is of course the Base SSRS version.

When the Print Dialog first opens, the Report Style selection is blank ( Output Format is also grayed out, which makes sense - no point in selecting an Output Format if there is no Report Style selected ). This user can select any of the three from the Report Style drop-down, but this always has to be done as the Report Style selection always comes up blank when the Print Dialog is opened.

I tried my login on her PC, and the Report Style comes up normally, with the default Report Style selected. So it appears this is an issue with her Epicor login and the Print Dialog for this report. For other Reports under her login, the default Report Style is selected when the Print Dialog is opened.

Not a big issue, but an odd curiosity, unless this issue starts showing up for other users.

Has anyone seen this problem before, and if so, what might we do to correct the issue ?


Ken Brunelli

I have seen that behavior before and it was due to a user having a corrupt personalization.
Try purging her personalizations.